We are a small, happy family of four. My husband, a baby, a dog and me. My husband works on a yacht. A large, luxury megayacht which tends to be based in some fairly fabulous places. The thing is, where the boat goes, we go! When she was was just eight weeks old our daughter, Coco, boarded her first trans-Atlantic flight and since then we haven't stopped. This is a blog of our rather unusual yet adventurous life. No two days are the same.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Empty Promises

Another three weeks goes by - maybe more! Is it more? Probably - and no blogging. I will reintroduce blogging into my routine but I can't seem to find the time for anything at the moment. I blame the weather and the fact that all my 'spare time' seems to be taken up with scraping mud off my boots and drying out wet clothes! I am simply not used to all of this rain - when is it going to stop?

When we are at home I love the country life we lead. I am a country girl, I was born and brought up a country girl. I am comfortable in wellies, I don't mind the wind and rain (in moderation), I'm not scared of the dark or creaky old houses. In fact, I would rather live without street lights if I had the choice. I can drive a quad bike and reverse a horse box - and when I came back to Dorset I am coming home, this is where I belong.

However, what is with all the mud? Am I loosing my hardy, rural tolerance? My Mum and I have a horse and although it is mainly hers now we are away so often, when home I am fully involved in the day to day care of our beloved Charlie (and Horace and Shettie the ponies). This is where the mud comes in. Let me give you some examples of what we are dealing with on a daily basis at the moment...

And that's you seeing it on a good day! The sun is shining for the first time in weeks!

I am moaning for effect really. I do realise that coping with a little mud, however annoying, is nothing but an annoyance and not a serious problem at all and despite this relentless British winter, this is what I wake up to every morning at the moment...

And this is why I brave the mud to put out the hay...

I have said it before and I will say it again, how lucky am I to have this for half the time...

And this for the other half...

We are missing Angus though. He passed his exam by the way and is now a full, bona fide captain! I am so proud I could just burst.


  1. hello!
    so nice to hear from you...missed you a lot!
    And congrats to the captain! YAY! When can I board? :)

    PS: I am hosting a very cute give away...I am sure you will like it!!!

  2. It dosen't get much better than that Louisa!! x

  3. Ahoy there Louisa Captain of the keyboard - great to see you back and reading your post today I can see why you've been preoccupied!

    Congratulations to Captain Angus, a whole new chapter of adventure awaits you now.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful [albeit] muddy-at-the-moment patch of paradise soon,

    Felicity x