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Monday, September 20, 2010

I do run, run, run...

I mentioned a while back that I had started running again. I think at the same time I said that I would keep you updated on the progress of my return to fitness and promptly never mentioned it again. Well, this isn't because I haven't continued with my running regime but I have to confess, it hasn't gone quite as planned (not quite as rigorous as originally intended). But - these things rarely do, certainly in my case!

There were a couple of reasons I embarked on a new running programme. Those of you who have known me for a while may remember that I tend to agree to undertaking stupid challenges such as marathons, channel swims and mountain climbs. Although I used to be fairly sporty, I am not a natural runner - I'm just not built for it - which makes the challenge all that more interesting.

There is the vanity. If I'm not training for something- I will not run. I'm no gym bunny that's for sure. I need to run. I have thrown in the odd passing comment or two about the fact that I have been trying to loose weight over the summer. It's not a big thing, but I have worked pretty hard at it and lost a total of 35lbs since May. Now I've reached the weight that I am happy with, I need to get fit to help maintain all my hard work.

The most important reason for this latest is fitness drive is that I love pushing myself to extremes to raise money for charity. I give what I can to my chosen good causes throughout the year via direct debits, I pop the odd pound in collection cans, I donate my unwanted belongings to charity shops, but raising money by putting myself through a bit of pain and hard work feels like a good thing to do. I feel justified is asking people to support me because this isn't just for fun. Believe me - it definitely isn't just for fun.

This is the hardest it has ever been to get back into physical shape. It has been so long since I did any serious physical excersise that my muscles feel like jelly! Having a baby doesn't seem to been the best thing for my body when it comes to enhancing my chances of returning to peak physical condition. For a start my boobs are so heavy and droopy I am having to wear two sports bras to offer anything even close to adequate support. My hips are clicky - you'd have thought that a year on they would have fully recovered from that joyous stirrup experience but alas - no. Finally, the biggest confession, and I am only telling you this to prove that I am earning ever penny I am raising, my pelvic floor muscles leave a lot to be desired. I never, ever, EVER thought I would need a nappy to run at my young (!) age - it is mortifying! Now surely that confession deserves a pound or two?!

However, it is all worth it. Last summer my beloved father-in-law lost his brave battle against a brain tumour and it is for him that our family has decided to pull together and do something special. It's not just me going through this pain and discomfort - in October we are heading to the Eden Project to run in their annual marathon. My brother-in law will run a full marathon (what a hero), I will do the half marathon and Angus and his sister will be running the fun-run with all the children. Everything we raise will be donated to the Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust, a fantastic organisation that is dedicated to child and adult tumour research in the UK.

I managed a comfortable five miles this evening with some whopping hills, the question is will I be able to manage 13 miles in just three weeks time? Wish me luck!

If you wish to donate - leave a comment and I will send you the link our justgiving page


  1. Louisa! I'm so proud of you. 35 lbs!!! You are amazing! I compete for charity for the same reasons you do. I push myself to extremes because I’m crazy and I donate my time as well as financially to charity where ever I can. It is so tough to do all this after having a baby. I completely agree with you and feel your pain. My running hasn't gone well at all this summer, but I am determined to do the same as you and compete for charity soon. My first race since February this year is a 10K on October 3rd for the Boys and Girls Club (Dunn’s Run) and the next the A1A half marathon mid November. I hope if you are in Fort Lauderdale you will join me in the half marathon. It sounds like you are in better shape than me right now… I ran a rough 5 miles this morning. It was tough and unfortunately, I will have to continue to run sporadically (if much at all) over the next 3 weeks due to some small surgeries I am undergoing. However, I plan to be ready for the half marathon in November… somehow. The way I did it last time in a short training time frame was by running 1 practice run so slow I felt like I could go forever. I ran this run on a gorgeous day when I felt strong about 2 weeks (maybe 1 and a half weeks) before the half marathon. I surprised myself by completing 12 miles on that training run! …A jump from just 6 miles as my furthest in all my training over the weeks before. Yes, my hips were sore and my knees were killing me after, but at least I knew I could do it. I’m telling you this, because I know you can do it. Just go slow at first… go for the distance, not the time. You are amazing and I am looking forward to running with you in the near future.

  2. Good for you! That's great you have lost so much weight! I have always loved running, and certainly things are not what they used to be after having two babies. I still enjoy it though. Can't wait to hear how the half marathon goes!

  3. Wow! If I had those views to run through I might be inspired to press on for more than the measly 5kms I manage from time to time. Yours' will be a fitness level I have never had and probably will never have. I admire you greatly. x