We are a small, happy family of four. My husband, a baby, a dog and me. My husband works on a yacht. A large, luxury megayacht which tends to be based in some fairly fabulous places. The thing is, where the boat goes, we go! When she was was just eight weeks old our daughter, Coco, boarded her first trans-Atlantic flight and since then we haven't stopped. This is a blog of our rather unusual yet adventurous life. No two days are the same.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Goodness Gracious...

... What a day! I am surrounded by sick people - literally. There is some sort of stomach bug going around our house. Coco had it at the beginning of the week but it seems to have come back again today and now Angus has gone down with it too. I'm not sure how many more sheets and pyjamas I can change. Just imagine if the washing machine decided to throw in the towel now?! I would be literally drowning in puke - what a lovely thought.

All is quite upstairs for the time being and both the patients seem settled. Angus is in the bath and Coco has gone to sleep, at last. It has taken two hours to settle her! That is just unheard of for her, usually you put her to bed, walk away and don't hear a peep from her until morning. Poor little thing just seemed so distressed. Lets hope that it is a healing night and everyone will wake up feeling as right as rain in the morning. I have everything crossed.

By the way, I decided to go Mac and I love it. The problem is there just don't seem to be enough hours in the day to play with all the things I want to play with. iPhoto and iMovie look brilliant and I am itching to start experimenting with them but feel like I need a good few hours to really get going and it seems so anti-social. Maybe it will have to wait until Angus is next away and then me being a complete recluse in the evenings won't matter at all.

Our movie fest is going well. Since I last updated we have watched 'American Gangster' - absolutely brilliant, if you haven't seen it you must. 'Seven Pounds' - I quite liked this but Angus wasn't so keen. I don't think it needed to be quite so obscure, if they had revealed a little more before the end it wouldn't have been detrimental to the finale, in fact it would have improved it. Finally, 'It's Complicated' which I had heard was disappointing but we both laughed a lot and I do just love Meryl Streep. 

We've had a slack few days with our running programme although, to be fair, it hasn't really been our fault. We did a really good 2.2 miler on Monday and both felt like there was a huge improvement but then Angus had a bad foot on Tuesday and I did a rubbish run on my own. Rest day yesterday and then sickness today so we've gone off schedule a bit. Hopefully we'll get back on track when everyone is fit and well. I did manage to do a wardrobe clear out today though and check out the pile of clothes heading to the charity shop because they are too big!

Congratulations to Rich, Lush and Jemima on their new addition - we were all so excited to hear of the arrival of baby Joshua.

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