We are a small, happy family of four. My husband, a baby, a dog and me. My husband works on a yacht. A large, luxury megayacht which tends to be based in some fairly fabulous places. The thing is, where the boat goes, we go! When she was was just eight weeks old our daughter, Coco, boarded her first trans-Atlantic flight and since then we haven't stopped. This is a blog of our rather unusual yet adventurous life. No two days are the same.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Show me the funny!

I've decided to link up to The Gallery this week. I have really enjoyed seeing everyone else's interpretations of the weekly themes since I discovered this brilliant Wednesday feature by Sticky Fingers a little while ago and I wanted to get involved! Hope nobody minds?

This week is 'Show me the funny' and this is what we have to offer...

Coco and I found this extremely funny, Daddy - not so much!

Without a doubt, Coco was a sicky baby. She was completely unfazed by it but you could guarantee that after every meal there would be a reasonably dramatic throw-up. The best thing was that generally it seemed to be Daddy that bore the brunt of the carnage. He had to endure sick on the chest, sick on his shoes, even sick in his mouth! (another story for another time) but the photo above was a classic. After a fantastic day a Ren Fest - I blogged about it earlier this year - Coco had guzzled a bit too much milk and Daddy endured the consequences! Poor Daddy xx


  1. mine throws up a lot as well, at least I think it is a lot because his big sister never did...
    and if he does:ON ME... always!
    and what I find interesting: I don`t mind, I hold him close and get everything all over but I want him to feel me...and to feel "protected"...
    I never thought, in my childless life, that I would not mind my child throwing up on me...

  2. My daughter used to have some lovely sick moments too. I have photographic evidence of some of them, although my all time low, where I went to give her a kiss and she vomited in my mouth has no photos. Oh dear, what a shame it is.
    Lovely post x

  3. Lol!! Ewwwwwww, I have had a few moments like that myself. One thing I don't miss.

    Per your comment on my blog, you need to get yourself to a Pottery Barn Kids ASAP! If you can find one, it's beyond words. If you ever make it to NC we have an outlet here that is a little easier on the credit card :)

  4. Oh dear. My Nipper could puke right aacross the room. Thankfully Tiddler doesn't do that.

  5. Gold!! Bet Daddy was really chuffed about this one...

    I haven't seen this linky before - sounds like a good one. x

  6. Lol, this all seems so familiar! I think we generally walked round with a towel or bib constantly draped over our shoulder! I'm glad to say at 13 and 10, they're now over this stage :)

  7. Oh no . . . I'm sure that was not the highlight of the day!

    Being all to familiar with that sudden warm wet feeling I can certainly sympathise!