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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More hours in the day - please

I have to find a way of increasing my productivity. I have been thinking about it all weekend. I know in my last post I said that it didn't matter if we don't own a house - well it doesn't - however, (I realise I am about to contradict myself) we do need some kind of permanent base.

In just three weeks we are packing up and moving again. This time, back to the UK for a couple of months as Angus is going to sit his captains exams. Everywhere we go we have to rent and because we rent for short periods of time, we need furnished accommodation that even includes bedding and kitchen utensils. In short, we usually end up with holiday rentals which are gorgeous but very expensive. On top of this, we already own a whole house worth of 'stuff' but it is in storage.

We want to know that whenever we are in the UK we have a home to call our own, we can go into a wardrobe to find our clothes and Coco has a proper cot. She has slept in a travel cot all her life! Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining at all, we love our life and it is the life we have chosen, but adding a home into the equation would make it perfect!

So, back to productivity. To be able to do buy a house, and continue living as we live, I need to increase my income. Not dramatically, just a little, which means more writing. It isn't just finding more time to do this, it is motivation and inclination! One of the things I have struggled with a bit since becoming a mother is organization. Right at this moment, there are toys all over the floor, I am still in my pyjamas and the house is filthy - I know, I am sitting here blogging! But blogging is my little bit of 'me' time and I see it as writing practice as well as being fun which is kind of work isn't it? After all, if I make my living from writing surely practising is a good thing?!

What I need to do is set some achievable objectives. So here we go:
- I will not waste whole hours of the day on Facebook! (I don't mean to, it just happens. I'll put Coco down for a sleep, have a 'quick look' at Facebook and the next thing I know Coco is waking up again!)
- As soon as I have article ideas I will write them down. (Sounds obvious but I don't do this at the moment and I end up sitting for ages trying to remember that groundbreaking idea I had a couple of days ago. Again, more time wasted.)
- I will work in the evenings. (Somehow I need to energise myself so that once Coco is in bed I can sit down and do a couple of hours hard graft, especially when Angus is away.)

This seems so lame, why haven't I managed to get my act together? More ideas about increasing the number of hours in the day would be gratefully received.

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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only disorganised one! But at least you have a very valid excuse of moving around. i live in one place. (love hte idea of your lifestyle though!). Maybe one day I'll get organised...